• Project Loan

Project Funding

Project finance for all turnkey projects and infrastructure projects from central governments, state governments, World Bank projects, private sector projects, contractors, sub contractors…

Finance for all projects such as Under Water Engineering, Under Sea Engineering, Ports Ware houses Power (Thermal, Wind, Solar), Metro, Roads, Bridges, Dams, Tunnels, Multi storage Apartments, Villa Parks, Industrial Park , IT Park, Malls Hotels, Also funding for Power plants, Wind mills, Thermal plant, Solar plant and etc…

Project Loan for Builders are being arranged. Builders provide better construction for all sectors of income people. Builders can get the loan for better interest rates, so that they can easily complete the projects.

Features of Project loan

  • Flexible loan eligibility for contractors and project creators
  • Finance based on security either project site property or other collateral
  • Finance based on sanctioned work order
  • Upto 90 % finance limit for the projects depends on the project value
  • Takeover of existing project loan and further limit
  • Flexible repayment tenure and rate of interest

Real Estate Project loan with in chennai corporation. Project funding & real estate project loan

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